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Causes and Prevention of Surfers' Ear

Surfers' ear is a condition where bony growths (exostoses) grow in the ear, gradually closing the ear canal over and resulting in progressive deafness and increased risk of otitis externa ear ...

Learning How to Surf Like a Pro

There is little doubt to any experienced surfer that surfing can be a lot of fun, but if you are just getting started it is easy to become frustrated with slow progress. It can take a considerable ...

Physical Fitness And Healthy Eating - A Simple Plan For Surfing Success

Physical fitness is a must for good surfing. How do you get in shape and prepare yourself for the surfing season? How do you stay in shape to be ready when the next good swell arrives? What are the ...

Better Wetsuits Lead To Deafness In Surfers

The incidence of deafness in surfers is increasing due to improvements in wetsuit design. 'Surfers Ear' or cranial exostosis is caused by cold air and water entering the ear causing bony outgrowths ...

You will not believe these are inflatables in the surf

Brit sup’er slasher Glyn Ovens checks in with, “We’ve had a bit of swell over here in the UK, so we broke out the Fanatic inflatables.” (YES, you will not believe these are inflatables in the surf!)
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MISSING - Mick Fanning Full Movie

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 MISSING - A Taylor Steele Film
Taylor Steele's brand new film - "MISSING" - puts ASP World Champion, Mick Fanning, in some of the most radical places on the planet alongside his good friends John John Florence, Jordy Smith, Matt Wilkinson and Tom Curren.Under the direction of the world renowned film-maker, the project takes Mick Fanning out of the competition world of the ASP, gives him a boarding pass with a blank destination and for 21 days he is relocated all over the world with only a passport, suitcase and surfboard at his disposal. As a result, the surfing is special, raw and some of the best that you'll see on screen this year. From Africa and Ireland to Central America and Spain, the experience literally is life changing for Mick Fanning."I was going on a trip to somewhere but I didn't know where, kind of like being kidnapped," said Mick Fanning."There was no schedule or timeline, only life. I felt like I was in the real world for the very first time and it made me so happy to see the world that clearly."

Drive Thru South Central America

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Drive Thru South Central America

By Taylor Steele. Top professional surfers Shane Dorian, Donavon Frankenreiter, Benji Weatherly, Ozzie Wright, and Kalani Robb make their way through Panama, Brazil, and Chile in a hilariously action packed two week real world, road trip. The Drive Thru South Central America is the fourth installment of the ongoing Drive Thru series. Whether it's hang gliding in Brazil, off roading in Chile or stand up barrels in Panama, the Drive Thru offers a unique first hand experience for everyone to enjoy.

De Passage

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De Passage surf movie reef
...And you're no longer sitting around waiting for something to happen. You're out there, going to the moments.

After a few days, life on the road starts to feel like a dream: sunrise, sunset, and the moments in-between, all finally yours again it seems. Laying on a hot, white beach, watching the giant clouds drift by - it all finally slows down, down, down.

Home is where the heart is. And like a compass, our heart's true north is the sea.

So wake up, tune out, dive in, and feel it like the first time...

Our journey begins in the Island nation of French Polynesia: "De Passage" is the French translation of Just Passing Through.

After our exploration of the tropical wonderland that is Tahiti with our crew of Rob Machado, Alana Blanchard, Shane Dorian, Kai Otton, Nick Rozsa, Cyrus Sutton, Luke Davis, Tia Blanco and Paige Maddison, we set sails and and head west to the enchanted islands of Bali where we find Mikala Jones deep in uncharted territory. From there it's a short trip to the land down under to meet 3x world champion Mick Fanning on his home turf. 

We plot our final course west again to the frigid right points of South Africa with Taylor Knox and friends.

The Freedom

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THE freedom surf

The Freedom Video (A Progression Film; 40 minutes)

Here’s the Pitch:There’s a whole lot of good surfers and amazing surf spots in this world, and we’re gonna give you a piece of them all.

Hollywood Connection:Forrest Gump: It’s surfing’s version of Forrest’s adventures going here, there and everywhere. Just lots of feel-good footage, many new faces and great sessions.

Best Actor: With so many surfers to choose from — it’s just too hard to pick. So it has to be Lower Trestles that wins this one. The ASP’s flawless September sessions at Lowers feature the premier SoCal pointbreak’s best performance on screen yet.

Supporting Cast: Slates, the Ironses, Archie, and Flea and more

Score: Blade 2 Soundtrack, Mad at Gravity, Slayer, Portishead

Thumbs Down: At several points throughout the video, the footage is intentionally grainy, foggy and jumpy. This effect, although used for aesthetic purposes, is more of an eyestrain than anything.

Thumbs Up: The fact that there is so many surfers featured in this 40 minute video, makes for an exciting, fast-paced surf flick. TFV successfully blends footage of the world’s best surfers with your local rippers and does it smoothly where other videos could become messy.


Days Of The Strange

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Days Of The Strange

With so much footage left in the can after "Stranger Than Fiction" Poor Specimen has released Days of the Strange - the days of filming you did not see. Plus there is a fresh batch of new bangers from all the usual suspects shot over the last few months. Starring Julian Wilson, Dane Reynolds, Jordy Smith, Shaun Cansdell, Mike Losness, Kelly Slater, Dion Agius, and many more

Five Summer Stories

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Five Summer Stories

Heralded as "the finest surf movie ever made," Five Summer Stories is a cultural icon, a time capsule from a watershed era when the world was at a critical crossroads and its reflection was clear in the emerging sport/art of surfing. Against a backdrop of the Vietnam War and the Nixon years, Five Summer Stories was the culmination of the joint surf-film careers of Jim Freeman and Greg MacGillivray.
Code named "The Last Surfing Movie" during production, the movie portrays a young, outlaw sport at a strategic point in its creative evolution - and at an historic crux in time. Now you, too, can do what audiences of the 1970's did - you hoot and scream and go crazy - all in the privacy of your own home.


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Shelter surf movie

The Moonshine conspiracy crew flirts with the foundations of surfing soul in this unique movie. "The whole thing feels like more of a movement than a surf film. We spent two months in the old farmhouse just living and surfing and making music. People like Nat Young, George Greenough, Jim Banks and Ben Harper all passed through to share with our crew. To succeed with this film all we really hope to do is capture the feeling of what went on down there and to do justice to what everyone contributed" said the authors: Taylor Steele and Chris Malloy with a hand from Emmett Malloy and Jack Johnson.
Shelter is the achievement of the trilogy started with Thicker than Water and September Sessions. Probably one of the best surf movies ever made, not only because of a polished aesthetic touch, but for of the good vibes and spirit it is transmitting. Riders: Rob Machado, Taylor Knox, Joel Tudor, Mick Fanning, Dean Morrison, Jack Johnson, The Malloys, Kelly Slater, Conan Hayes, Nathan Webster, Nat Young, Hans Hagen, Joe Curren, Mike Todd, Pascal Stansfeild, Brad Gerlach, Shane Dorian. Locations: Worldwide.

High Five

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hight five surf

TransWorld SURF’s High Five is mental! After gathering one of the most diverse crews ever for a surf movie, the resulting footage blew minds—especially the bonus footage of Kelly, Andy, and Cory at a never before seen secret left). So without further adieu, here’s what you have in store when you see the movie



Andy Irons
Andy has been under a lot of scrutiny since his return to the world tour this year. All we can say is when you watch his part in High Five, you’ll be reminded of why he is and always will be one of the world’s most radical surfers.



Wade Goodall
We can’t get enough of his shredding so we sent our camera-dogs after him. When you see some of the stuff he’s got, you’re gonna hope he’s already signed on for High 5 The Sequel. But let’s take it one step at a time here and see why his peers call him one of the best freesurfers on earth.


Eric Geiselman
If we don’t say so ourselves, this is Eric’s first proper video part. He’s one of the first guys to have flips and Kerrupt’s on lock, and he bangs out more than his fair share of advanced and impossible-looking tricks. Call this Eric’s coming out part(y), even though he’s already been in the game for years.


Fergal Smith
The Youtube sensation is our dark horse. We basically let him film the whole winter in his own backyard and didn’t see any footage until it was all compiled. We were blown away by some of the slabs this knight tames, and you will be too when you see him from the inside and outside of some mean cold north Atlantic drainers.


Andrew Doheny
Is Andrew aka "Droid” America’s next surf superstar? Yes, that’s why we’re giving him the opening section of High Five, and that’s why every surf magazine and filmer is on his nuts right now. In the past you’ve only gotten a taste of what this kid is capable of, now you’re gonna see the whole story of a kid transitioning from grom to full-blown man-shredder.

And since it’s summer, your video library wouldn’t be complete unless we gave you the TransWorld SURF Swimsuit DVD for free when you buy High 5. Travel to the Yucatan with the TransWorld SURF crew as they shoot their best selling swimsuit issue! That’s two vids for the price of one!


Drive Thru - Europe

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Drive Thru - Europe
From the scooter gang in Italy, to the topless beaches in France, the castles in Portugal and back in time for Halloween in France. The Drive Thru Europe takes a typical surf trip to a whole new level. Starring: Benji Weatherley, Rizal Tanjung, Ry Craike, Pat O'Connel and Kelly Slater.

Yoga for Surfers III: Unleashed!

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Yoga for Surfers III: Unleashed!

The highly-anticipated DVD is the third in the popular series by the Yoga for Surfers crew and includes challenging yoga poses, creative sequencing, and a mesmerizing original soundtrack.
Avid surfer and certified yoga instructor Peggy Hall is joined by the pro surfers in three 20-minute segments, one focusing on the abs and back, one focusing on the lower body, and one focusing on the upper body. The routines can be done separately for a quick, efficient practice or put together for a more complete practice.

Bonus features include profiles on each surfer as well as a guided meditation for surfing. Running Time: 80 minutes

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